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CLEARING THE PATH: Advancing First Nation FMA Cannabis Fiscal and Regulatory Proposal [First Nations Tax Commission, FNTC]

First Nations Tax Commission
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VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 03 | WINTER 2019 A First Nations Tax Commission Quarterly Publication


•A First Nation FMA Cannabis Fiscal and Regulatory Proposal
• Understanding Assessment on First Nation Lands
• Welcome New Chief Operating Officer
• FMA Amendments
• Update from BC Assessment: Two Important changes to Vancouver Island First Nations Assessment for 2019
• Best Wishes to Ken Scopick on His Retirement

Proposal Overview
In September 2018, the FNTC and some proponent First Nations developed a comprehensive proposal to establish an FMA cannabis fiscal and regulatory framework option for interested First Nations. There are six distinct elements to the proposed FMA First Nation cannabis fiscal and regulatory option:

• Voluntary Participation by Interested First Nations
• First Nation Jurisdiction Framework for Cannabis Regulation and Licensing
• FMA Cannabis Fiscal Jurisdiction Framework (excise and other tax options)
• First Nations Cannabis Distribution Warehouses
• First Nations Stamp on First Nation Cannabis
• First Nation Institutional Support to Implement System


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