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Fuels Technician [New Brunswick Community College, NBCC]

New Brunswick Community College

As natural gas, propane or oil become more popular in homes and industry, the booming resource needs capable hands to install it. Are you interested in working in the field of natural gas, propane or oil? Then our two-year Fuels Technician program may be for you. Fuels Technicians are responsible for work related to the installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of systems related to the distribution or consumption of natural gas, propane or oil. To work as a Fuels Technician, you must be licensed in the field of natural gas, propane or Oil Burner Mechanic (OBM). This program will provide you with the necessary instruction to be eligible for the G2, G2-L (Liquid Propane Endorsement) Gas License and OBM Block 1 (Oil Burner Mechanic). You will learn theoretical knowledge and attain practical experience in inspection, installation, service, repair and maintenance of equipment and supplies used in the fuels industry for the distribution or consumption of hydrocarbon fuels, such as furnace oils, natural and propane gas.


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