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Indigenous Consultation Atlantic [The Canadian Institute, CI]

The Canadian Institute
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The uncertainty of the fall 2019 federal election is inflaming the already complex Indigenous consultation process in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. Amid ongoing efforts to implement the United Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), changes to the Environmental Assessment Act and the addition of the Canadian Energy Regulator, many projects are standing still. This unresolved political situation only fuels a deeply felt skepticism as consultation and engagement practices are put on hold. Does your organization have the confidence and knowledge to engage meaningfully?

Building on successes in Membertou, Moncton and Halifax, the 4th Annual Indigenous Consultation Atlantic Conference brings together Indigenous leaders, government representatives and natural resource companies to discuss some of the most contentious consultation issues seizing the east coast in a neutral non-partisan setting. Make this your opportunity to tackle long-standing concerns, create new connections and strengthen your existing relationships.


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