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ISO 50001 Standard Implementation Training [Canadian Institute for Energy Training, CIET]

Canadian Institute for Energy Training

This workshop enables participants to understand the Standard in detail and to explore the implementation of energy management systems based on the Standard. The ISO 50001 Standard Implementation Training is a two-day course and a one-day workshop designed to help organizations implement a structured, appropriate and effective energy management system. Using the ISO 50001 standard as a model, trainers will guide delegates through the process of establishing an energy management system using a combination of instructions and workshops. Delegates will be tasked with various learning exercises so that the course is interactive and not passive. At the end of the course, the delegates will have developed a thorough understanding of the standard implementation process, learned how to pinpoint critical areas and discovered ways of avoiding typical pitfalls. Furthermore, the training will establish a clear comparison between this new management standard and other management systems.

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