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Mechanical Technician (Co-op) [New Brunswick Community College, NBCC]

New Brunswick Community College

If you are interested in the mechanical maintenance industry, why not consider the Mechanical Technician (Co-op) program? This program prepares you for work in the industrial mechanical maintenance field. You will learn the basic functions of pipefitting, welding, rigging, electrical and machining. A hands-on learning environment allows you to learn to install, assemble, maintain and commission mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling and exhaust systems in industrial plants. By combining the skills of an Industrial Mechanic with some of those of a Mechanical Engineering Technologist, this program provides you with a unique learning experience. You receive specialized training in vibration analysis, non-destructive evaluation and computers. In addition, you will learn to prepare both written and oral reports on technical subjects, opening up further employment opportunities.


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