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Michelin’s Strategic Partnership with Indigenous Peoples – (C) The Results of the Partnership [International Journal of Case Studies in Management, IJCSM

International Journal of Case Studies in Management (IJCSM)
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"This case explores the multi-stakeholder strategic partnership formed among Michelin Canada, Aboriginal organizations, the Government of Canada and the Government of Nova Scotia. The partnership was established to address a demographic shortage of skilled workers for Michelin Canada, as well as limited employment prospects for young people in fast-growing indigenous communities. The case tracks the development and evolution of this partnership, highlighting not only the initiatives undertaken to address Michelin’s strategic human resource problem but also the partnership processes that bridged differing cultural traditions and values, and that overcame legacies of mistrust, racism and disappointment contributing to reduced workforce participation of indigenous people. This case can be used to explore the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in attaining strategic organizational objectives, to stimulate reflection on the complexity and challenges of inter-cultural partnerships, and to understand trust- building processes that might improve the success of such partnerships. "

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