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Our Strategy [Canada's Ocean Supercluster]

Canada's Ocean Supercluster
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The Ocean Supercluster is an industry-led collaboration that will build Canada’s ocean economy into one of the country’s most significant and sustainable value-creating economic segments. It is a national undertaking, with investment from companies across Canada, partnerships with post-secondary institutions, indigenous groups, and international partners.

The partnership spans the ocean economy, including fisheries, aquaculture, oil and gas, marine bio products, transportation, defence, marine renewables, and ocean technology. Through the Ocean Supercluster, companies are collaborating to define a shared innovation roadmap based on common challenges and requirements.

Cluster-building activities will attract and develop world-class talent, including members of indigenous communities and groups underrepresented in the Canadian economy. Cluster-building will create opportunities to extend supply chains, and to start and scale companies around new technologies and business models. The Ocean Supercluster will foster linkages with other Canadian superclusters and international ocean clusters.

The ambition of the Ocean Supercluster is to grow Canada’s ocean economy from $20B to over $30B by
2050. Canada will be positioned to lead and benefit from the growth of emerging ocean sectors like
marine renewable energy, offshore aquaculture, ocean frontier oil and gas, and marine bio-resources.
Established sectors like wild fishery, shipping, ship-building, maritime defence, and offshore oil and gas will be transformed into digitally-driven, sustainable sources of new economic and social value.

Atlantic Canada is one of the most promising regions in the world from which to build global leadership in the ocean economy of the future. The Ocean Supercluster is a transformative opportunity for the Government of Canada to help make this happen.


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