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Our Wealth Sits on the Table: Food, Resistance, and Salmon Farming in Two First Nations Communities [American Indian Quarterly, AIQ]

American Indian Quarterly (AIQ)
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"The fishers living in Alert Bay and Ahousaht provided me with many details about how the distribution and abundance of various species had changed at and around salmon farming sites. I wanted to know how the Ahousaht's and Namgis' fishing activities had been altered by the presence of fish farms. However, the people I spoke to did not encourage questions concerning the fish farms as much as they did questions having to do with fish as food. Perhaps it is through an emphasis on food that these fishers tried to convey how severely and immediately the salmon farming industry affects not only their individual lives but also those of all others in their communities. I became interested in the meaning of farmed salmon as food primarily because this link between sustenance and nature seemed to be a way of understanding the importance of wild salmon runs for..."

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