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Poster: Restoring Indigenous Land Title: A Story of Property Ownership and Title [First Nations Tax Commission, FNTC]

First Nations Tax Commission
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A visual account of land ownership and laws from pre-contact to present day. Includes key Supreme Court decisions such as DELGAMUUKW DECISION and TSILHQOT’IN DECISION.

First Nations ownership of land is not new. It existed prior to contact. This ownership was legislated away starting in 1836.
During the last 20 years, First Nations have made considerable progress to restore their lost property ownership.
The current reserve system limits opportunities for wealth and prosperity for First Nations. The Indian Act defi nes a reserve as a
“tract of land whose title is held by the Crown” which means the Government of Canada owns the land and controls the land.
First Nations, not the federal government, should own their own lands and make decisions related to those lands.
The First Nation-led Indigenous Land Title Initiative (ILTI) will restore jurisdiction, giving First Nations title to their lands, the authority
to maintain governance and to retain the power to make laws related to the use of the land.


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