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Home [First Nations Financial Management Board, FNFMB]

First Nations Financial Management Board
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The First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) supports First Nations across Canada to build good governance and finance practices.

About FMB

We are a non-profit, First Nation organization.
Our services come at no cost to First Nations.
We only provide services when asked to by our First Nations clients.
We are independent of the Crown.

Why the FMB was formed

Online Booking Initiative [Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, ITAC]

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada
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We are pleased to announce that we are providing an opportunity for market-ready members to add the online booking software to their own website. This online booking system initiative can be for stand-alone products such as accommodation or activities and it also includes the Packaging Engine Platform.

Business Planning Services [Crane Aboriginal Management Services, CAMS]

Crane Aboriginal Management Services
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“Crane Aboriginal Management Services has been delivering business planning services since our inception. Although our services are intended to be used for management purposes and serve the direct needs of our clients, CAMS planning services also provide the necessary information required by funders to invest in your commercial opportunity. We have worked in almost every sector of the economy and have served many First Nation markets in our efforts.”

The Planning Cycle - Mandate Objectives [First Nation Financial Planning, FNFP]

First Nation Financial Planning
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Mandate Objectives are specific, achievable, and measurable goals that the Chief and Council wish to accomplish during their current tenure as political leaders in the community. Mandate Objectives are established to fulfill election promises, to address priority concerns and to set new directions. Mandate Objectives provide direction to the Band Manager and the Program Directors to take into consideration in developing their Preliminary Program Budgets.

Business Directory [Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.]

Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.
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List of support services and resources for applicants provided by Ulnooweg Development Group.

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