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Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education [University of British Columbia, UBC]

University of British Columbia
Year of publication: 

We believe that Indigenous identities, culture, language, values, ways of knowing and knowledge systems should be respected and integrated into business education. Ch'nook actively incorporates and promotes these values in the context of business education through our programs, scholarships and collaborative work with diverse Indigenous communities and organizations.

Our focus is inclusive of all Indigenous peoples in Canada - First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

Ch'nook Accelerated Business program
Community Entrepreneurship Course
Aboriginal Management Program

Economic Development Toolkit for First Nations Economic Development Officers, Chiefs and Councils and Community Members – Basic Information and Guide [Kekinsuqs, Dr. Judith Sayers]

Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education

“First Nations are becoming more and more involved in economic development within their communities. In order to carry on business, First Nations are incorporating companies, societies and other business structures. This toolkit is designed to provide guidance and information on the kinds of business structures that are available to a First Nation community. It also provides information on the role that community members might have in businesses that are carried out by their First Nation.

Young Millionaires [Young Millionaires Program]

Young Millionaires Program

“The Young Millionaires Program is a summer business and entrepreneurship program for youth aged 8 to 16 years. The program is designed to assist youth to discover more about the world of business and help them get started in a business of their own.”

Setting Up A Business On A Reserve [Robert Adkin]

The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia
Year of publication: 

“The purpose of this paper is to provide native entrepreneurs and their lawyers with some guidelines on issues which may affect them in the establishment of a business on a reserve."

Business Loans [Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.]

Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.

“Most entrepreneurs need some sort of financial support to grow their business to success. Because of that, one of Ulnooweg's most important services is providing business loans as well as providing information on other sources of funding.”

Women's Economic Empowerment - A CESO Perspective [Canadian Executive Service Organization, CESO]

Canadian Executive Service Organization

"CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization)has mentored thousands of women over its 45-year history. Through this experience CESO has refined its partnership model, which works by aligning client needs with the specific expertise of volunteer advisors who have, on average, 25 years of experience and who are leaders in their industries and professions. CESO’s international work in economic development and governance illustrates the positive impact and lasting change that is possible through targeted support at the individual, business, and government level.

GST/HST Administrative Policy - Application of the GST/HST to Indians [Canada Revenue Agency, CRA]

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Year of publication: 

"This bulletin summarizes the CRA’s policy concerning the treatment of supplies made to, or by, Indians, Indian bands and band-empowered entities under the goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST)."

Prosperity through Partnerships: Framing the Future of Aboriginal Economic Participation [Public Policy Forum]

Public Policy Forum
Year of publication: 

"To bring together industry leaders and Aboriginal organizations to share best practices in partnership building and promote further engagement from both communities, the Public Policy Forum organized a national workshop at The Westin in Ottawa on June 4, 2009, with a private reception the evening before.

Policy Brief No.17: Business and Politics in Aboriginal Communities [Institute on Governance, IOG]

Institute on Governance (IOG)
Year of publication: 

"Conventional wisdom suggests that politics and business need to be completely separate from one other. This policy brief suggests that this 'wisdom' needs to be re-examined."

Institutional Determinants of Profitable Commercial Forestry Enterprises among First Nations in Canada [Canadian Journal of Forest Research, CJFR]

Canadian Journal of Forest Research (CJFR)
Year of publication: 

"This paper uses survey information to examine several common assertions about the institutional prerequisites for successful profitability when a First Nation enters an economic enterprise either independently or in joint effort with an outside firm. In the winter of 2004-2005, we interviewed managers on both the First Nations and private sides of joint ventures and other business alliances in Canada, to determine what affected their recent profitability experience. We gathered information on the ages, sizes, and activities of the firms.


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