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Exploring the Constitutional Sources of a First Nation's Right To Tax [Canadian Tax Journal]

Canadian Tax Journal (CTF)
Year of publication: 

"Contends that the basis for generating revenues from property relies on one of two sources: section 91(3) of the Constitution Act of 1867, or section 35(1) of the Constitution Act of 1982 and that the scope of power may depend on which source has been used."

Food Fish, Commercial Fish, and Fish to Support a Moderate Livelihood: Characterizing Aboriginal and Treaty Rights to Canadian Fisheries [Arctic Review on Law and Politics]

Arctic Review on Law and Politics
Year of publication: 

"The Aboriginal peoples of Canada stand in a different legal relationship to the fisheries than non-Aboriginal Canadians. They do so by virtue of a long history with the fisheries that precedes non-Aboriginal settlement in North America, and because of the constitutional entrenchment of Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canadian law.

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