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Another Route to Native Prosperity: Property Rights [Terry Anderson and Dominic Parker]

Fraser Forum
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"The essay summarizes the authors study Sovereignty, Credible Commitments, and Economic Prosperity on American Indian Reservations, which measures the crippling economic consequences resulting from the lack of private property rights on Indian reserves."

Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves [Christopher Alcantara]

The Canadian Journal of Native Studies XXIII
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"There are four different but overlapping regimes of private-property rights-customary rights, certificates of possession, land codes under the First Nations Land Management Act, and leases-already exist on reserves across Canada, as do several unique regimes, such as the Sechelt and Nisga'a cases. These various regimes are worthy of serious study by economists, lawyers, and political scientists with a view to establishing how well they work and how they might be perfected for the benefit of First Nations."

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