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Online Courses

Online Courses - Framework Agreement [Lands Advisory Board Resource Center, LABRC]

Lands Advisory Board
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Online Webinar Courses explore various topics regarding Land Management Framework Agreement

Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management
Framework Agreement Full Summary
Framework Agreement Executive Summary
FNLM Act Executive Summary
First Nations Land Management Act
Introduction to the Framework Agreement
Principles of the Framework Agreement
Individual Agreement

Indigenous Awareness [Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.]

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.
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How much do you actually know about Indigenous Peoples and issues? Would you like to build a better understanding of some of the issues you hear in the news?
If the answer is "yes!" then Indigenous Awareness training can be a helpful way to get off on the right foot.

On-line Professional Development [Aboriginal Financial Officers Association, AFOA]

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA)

For information and to log on the on-line courses which support the Aboriginal Financial Management (AFM) Program, click here.

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