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Fiscal Management Act Toolkit [First Nations Tax Commission, FNTC]

First Nations Tax Commission
Year of publication: 

Under the framework of the FMA, a First Nation creates its real property taxation system by making two laws: a First Nation Property Taxation Law and a First Nation Property Assessment Law. A First Nation must have both of these laws in place before it can levy and collect property taxes. The property assessment law establishes the property assessment system.

A Guide to Community Tourism Planning in Nova Scotia [Tourism Nova Scotia]

The Economic Planning Group of Canada
Year of publication: 

The guide talks about the ‘do it yourself’ approach to preparing a community tourism plan so it is
useful for communities having limited budgets with which to retain outside assistance. However,
doing it yourself requires a substantial commitment of time and resources and may not be realistic.

A Guide to Starting and Operating a Campground Business in Nova Scotia [THE ECONOMIC PLANNING GROUP of Canada, EPG Canada]

Year of publication: 

Each manual provides information and advice on a variety of topics which will be important in
understanding the requirements for success, in assessing opportunities, in planning and
development and in starting operations. In this manual, the following topics will be covered

C The market for campgrounds in Nova Scotia;
C Requirements for success;
C Preparing a business concept and strategic plan;
C Feasibility analysis;

Building Your Business with Overseas and U.S. Visitors: A Toolkit on How to Work with Travel Trade [Tourism Nova Scotia]

Tourism Nova Scotia
Year of publication: 

Welcome to your introductory travel trade toolkit, developed as a tool to help
grow your overseas and United States visitor business!
This Travel Trade toolkit is designed to provide tactics, processes and best business
practices on how to develop and expand your distribution, and ultimately, your
business. The toolkit focuses on the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany,
France and China markets.

Small Town P.R. Playbook [Northern Development Initiative Trust]

Northern Development Initiative Trust
Year of publication: 

The Small Town P.R. Playbook is a fun, accessible tool that has been specifically designed for local government and First nations community administrators who aren’t professional communicators, but are faced with these issues and challenges every day. The Playbook showcases the innovative work underway in small communities across British Columbia.

First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative Webinar [The Canadian CED Network, CCED]

Community Economic Development Initiative
Year of publication: 

The First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI), funded by Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, is a joint initiative between Cando (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) that is designed to improve the relationships and enhance the capacity of participating First Nations and municipalities to engage in joint community economic development planning and initiatives. This webinar provides an overview of the CEDI program and the Stronger Together Toolkit.

First Nations Communications Toolkit [Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics]

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Year of publication: 

The First Nations Communications Toolkit is a unique resource jointly developed by Aboriginal
Affairs and Northern Development Canada, BC Region, and Tewanee Consulting Group. The toolkit was
originally developed in 2007 and continues to provide a good basic overview of communications planning,
activities and tools. While the fundamentals of communication such as engaging your audience and

Gathering for Success – Sharing Indigenous Economic Development Practices: Toolkit of Economic Development Resources – Aboriginal Relations 2009 [Government of Alberta]

Government of Alberta
Year of publication: 

“Alberta Aboriginal Relations has developed this toolkit to identify key resources to assist Aboriginal community leaders, economic development officers and other community members working to improve economic development in their community.”

Economic Development Toolkit for First Nations Economic Development Officers, Chiefs and Councils and Community Members – Basic Information and Guide [Kekinsuqs, Dr. Judith Sayers]

Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education

“First Nations are becoming more and more involved in economic development within their communities. In order to carry on business, First Nations are incorporating companies, societies and other business structures. This toolkit is designed to provide guidance and information on the kinds of business structures that are available to a First Nation community. It also provides information on the role that community members might have in businesses that are carried out by their First Nation.

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