Aboriginal Community Economic Development: Overcoming Barriers to Aboriginal Entrepreneurship [University of British Columbia, UBC]

University of British Columbia (UBC)
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"This study explores the question: how can Aboriginal communities foster a supportive climate for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and business start-up? The literature review finds a high degree of compatibility between the characteristics and strategies of community economic development and Aboriginal economic development. The unique aspects of Aboriginal economic development are further examined, including the history of Aboriginal communities, challenges faced, the importance of long-term approaches, cultural issues that impact Aboriginal economic development, and critical success factors. The review then addresses the question, "Do these differences affect the role the entrepreneur plays in Aboriginal economic development?" It makes the case that the prominence of the family and the overriding importance of cultural preservation require a different entrepreneurial behaviour. From this analysis, a series of research questions are developed and answered, using data from three First Nations communities: (1) What are the barriers experienced by Aboriginal people who attempt to start-up businesses in Aboriginal communities? (2) What has been done in Aboriginal communities to overcome these barriers? (3) How can Aboriginal communities assess their capacity to support Aboriginal businesses?"