A Guide to Community Tourism Planning in Nova Scotia [Tourism Nova Scotia]

The Economic Planning Group of Canada
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The guide talks about the ‘do it yourself’ approach to preparing a community tourism plan so it is
useful for communities having limited budgets with which to retain outside assistance. However,
doing it yourself requires a substantial commitment of time and resources and may not be realistic.

Many rural communities are seeking to diversify their economic base to reduce their dependency
on resource-based sectors and provide employment opportunities. Tourism is often identified as
an economic activity that can play a major role in achieving these objectives. Compared to many
economic sectors, tourism is a ‘clean’ industry and can be developed with minimal impacts on the
environment and the quality of life in the community.

The guide is in three parts, covering the following topics:
Part 1:
Tourism in Nova Scotia and its value
The tourism marketplace today

Part 2:
Preparing the Plan
Getting started with developing a community tourism plan
Assessing the existing situation
Setting goals and objectives for tourism, identifying opportunities and priorities for action
Developing action plans for implementation

Part 3:
Implementing your plan
Monitoring and updating
Marketing your community for tourism