Professional Firefighting [Holland College]

Holland College

Firefighting is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

In the Professional Firefighter program, you will learn the fundamental firefighting skills needed to keep yourself, your colleagues, and the public safe in critical situations. Training at an off-campus site offers you firefighting experience in a controlled environment. You will learn about fire behaviour, motor vehicle extraction, medical first response, and communication in these training simulations.

Field training familiarizes students with equipment, including trucks, pumps, respirators, and hydraulic rescue tools such as Jaws of Life, to deal with fires, automotive accidents and public safety incidents.

You will participate in eight weeks of on the job training in a career or a composite (career and volunteer firefighters) department of your choosing, with certain restrictions.

Students are required to live in residence for the duration of their training, except when they are in on the job training.