Climate Change

Atlantic Growth Strategy- Year 2 Report [Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, ACOA]

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Year of publication: 

Since the launch of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, the governments of Canada and the Atlantic provinces have worked collaboratively to build a vibrant economic future for Atlantic Canada by focusing on five strategic priorities:

-skilled workforce and immigration,
-clean growth and climate change,
-trade and investment,
- and infrastructure.

Impacts of Climate Change on First Nation Economies [Assembly of First Nations, AFN]

Assembly of First Nations (AFN)
Year of publication: 

"This report will examine the unique economic impacts of climate change in First Nations subsistence and income-generating economies. It will also discuss the economic realities in first Nations and how they relate to the ability or inability of a community to respond to climate changes."

Climate Change [Native Women's Association of Canada, NWAC]

Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC)
Year of publication: 

"The Native Women’s Association of Canada, as a national voice for Aboriginal women to collectively enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of Aboriginal women includes our role as care takers of the land. In this regard, our organization strives to ensure Aboriginal women have a voice and retain our rightful role and representation as, authorities on land use, management and ownership. We are leaders within our own right and capable of advancing our interests that are often intertwined with, education, health, and the environment."

Aquatic Resources [St. Francis Xavier University, St.FX]

St. Francis Xavier University (St.FX)
Year of publication: 

Welcome to Aquatic Resources at StFX – an interdisciplinary studies program – focused on water, environment and sustainability – offered in Sciences or Arts. Located in a community nestled along Canada’s rugged Atlantic coastline, this program provides hands-on learning that explores water (freshwater and marine) resources, aquatic life, climate change, policy, and the complexities of human-ecosystem interactions.

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