The Economic Cost of COVID-19: Supporting the Recovery of Indigenous Firms and Communities

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Atlantic First Nations firms and communities are facing unprecedented losses of revenues due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to feel the economic effects for the next two to three years.
• Only 8% of Indigenous businesses can continue to operate for one year without support due to
• 2 out of 5 Atlantic Indigenous businesses expect a 50% drop in revenues.
• Indigenous communities have less access to liquidity to finance deficits, these limit borrowing
ability for Indigenous communities.

COVID-19 Magnifies Socio-Economic Challenges Facing Atlantic Indigenous Communities and Businesses [Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, APEC]

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Year of publication: 

The serious economic effects caused by COVID-19 are a key concern for Atlantic Indigenous businesses and communities because of pre-existing risks, vulnerabilities and challenges.

In this Briefing Note, APEC examines community economic and financial risks, Indigenous business risks, community and individual socio-economic vulnerabilities, and community health risks.

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