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FAC Meetings [First Nations Financial Management Board, FNFMB]

First Nations Financial Management Board
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The Finance and Audit Committee policy must also include the steps for committee meetings, including that:

Free eBooks [Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.]

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.
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Working Effectively With Indigenous People

23 Tips on What not to say or do
27 Tips on What to Say and Do
40 Tips for Local Governments
A guide to Terminology
Indigenous Rights, Title, and the Duty to Consult
Indigenous Self-Government
Dispelling Common Myths about Indigenous Peoples
22 Ways to Derail your next Indigenous Community Meeting
Guidebook to Indigenous Protocol
Impact benefits and Reconciliation Agreement
Personal Pledge of Reconciliation
Professional Pledge of Reconciliation

How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples [Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.]

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.
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Have you developed and implemented an effective consultation and engagement strategy and are now ready to negotiate, but aren’t sure how to start? Or how to prepare for that all-important first community meeting?

What are your key challenges?
How to begin negotiations with Indigenous Peoples?
How to apply the RESPECT model in negotiation?
How to draft an agenda?
How to set the tone?
Understanding community mandate and how it applies?

Certificate Courses - Meeting Management -The Art of Making Meetings Work – Audio Course [Native Education and Training College, NETC]

Native Education and Training College

“Meeting management strategies serve the purpose of obtaining positive outcomes from group discussions. There are many factors which should be considered before you hold a meeting in your workplace. Meeting management is about planning an agenda that will give you the best results from your time. As a group leader you must commit to making the process and content of your meetings purposeful and productive. In this course, students investigate techniques for solving problems, brainstorming, and sharing information at your meetings.

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