Atlantic Canada's Major Projects Inventory 2001: Looking to the Horizon [Atlantic Provinces Economic Council Vol 36 Iss 1]

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Year of publication: 

Buoyed by investments in energy, infrastructure and other initiatives, the region has seen three consecutive years of 3%+ growth for the first time since the mid-1980s. However, this is likely to change in 2001. A number of major projects have wrapped up and a slowdown in the United States has put the brakes on strong growth in the region’s economy. The 18th edition of APEC’s Major Projects Inventory identifies 221 projects in various stages of development across Atlantic Canada, ranked according to their likelihood of being developed. These projects are valued at $37.3 billion, 6% lower that the value of last year’s list, mainly due to the downgrade of the potential Lower Churchill River Hydro Project.

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