Building Competitiveness in Atlantic Canada's Forest Industries: A Strategy for Future Prosperity [Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, APEC]

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Year of publication: 

Chapter 1 provides a profile of the 
industry and its importance to the 
economy of Atlantic Canada. In 
Chapter 2, the competitiveness challenges facing the industry are analyzed. Chapter 3 explores new directions for the industry while a final chapter summarizes the findings and highlights the key recommendations. Of particular interest to readers will be the views of those engaged in the forest industry in Atlantic Canada, gathered from six industry roundtables held across the Atlantic Provinces between April and June of 2007 as well as from individual interviews. These are profiled in the green Industry Perspectives boxes, which can be found throughout the report. The views of those with the greatest stake in the future of this industry add a rich dimension to this report, illuminating the challenges but also the great potential for this industry.

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