Community-Based Learning Opportunities for Aboriginal People, Winner 2006: The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada [Conference Board of Canada]

Conference Board of Canada
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"The non-profit Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) works to enhance the financial and management practices and skills of Aboriginal people. It does so by providing relevant, accessible and up-to-date learning opportunities, and by sharing best practices using technology and e-learning practices. For instance, AFOA created the Aboriginal Centre for Finance and Management Excellence, a one-stop web portal for Aboriginal people across the country interested in this field. For these efforts, AFOA won the Community-Based Learning Opportunities for Aboriginals award in 2006. This case study—part of the Education and Learning series examining outstanding programs and initiatives—describes AFOA’s efforts to build capacity to support successful Aboriginal governance. As a non-profit, non-political body, AFOA acts as an agent of change outside of the political arena. It has the potential to be a model for similar organizations at the centre of future Aboriginal capacity development initiatives."

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