The Investment Readiness Program 2020 [Community Foundations]

Community Foundations
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The Investment Readiness Program

Home [First Nations Financial Management Board, FNFMB]

First Nations Financial Management Board
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The First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) supports First Nations across Canada to build good governance and finance practices.

About FMB

We are a non-profit, First Nation organization.
Our services come at no cost to First Nations.
We only provide services when asked to by our First Nations clients.
We are independent of the Crown.

Why the FMB was formed

Community-Based Learning Opportunities for Aboriginal People, Winner 2006: The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada [Conference Board of Canada]

Conference Board of Canada
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"The non-profit Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) works to enhance the financial and management practices and skills of Aboriginal people. It does so by providing relevant, accessible and up-to-date learning opportunities, and by sharing best practices using technology and e-learning practices. For instance, AFOA created the Aboriginal Centre for Finance and Management Excellence, a one-stop web portal for Aboriginal people across the country interested in this field.

Sustainable Community Economic Development in a Coastal Context: The Case of Alert Bay, British Columbia [Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, JAED]

Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED)
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"The following case study presents sustainable community economic development (SCED) as one path for achieving sustainable development within the setting of a fishing-dependent First Nations community along Canada's Pacific coastline. The study is based on the author's Masters research at Simon Fraser University as well as subsequent related research and development projects (1999-2001). The purpose of the initial study was to examine if and how a fishing-dependent community (Alert Bay, British Columbia) can utilize fisheries co-management as one component of an overall SCED strategy.

Incorporate a Business Corporation [Government du Québec]

Government du Québec
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A business corporation is an entity that has, subject to the conditions stipulated by law, a juridical personality and possesses specific rights and obligations. The liability of the shareholders is limited to their investment.

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