A Guide to Starting and Operating a Campground Business in Nova Scotia [THE ECONOMIC PLANNING GROUP of Canada, EPG Canada]

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Each manual provides information and advice on a variety of topics which will be important in
understanding the requirements for success, in assessing opportunities, in planning and
development and in starting operations. In this manual, the following topics will be covered

C The market for campgrounds in Nova Scotia;
C Requirements for success;
C Preparing a business concept and strategic plan;
C Feasibility analysis;

C Legal, regulatory, and tax matters;
C Design;
C Planning for operations;
C The marketing plan.
Appendices at the back of the manual cover the following:
• Market data;
C Business structures;
C Financing;
C Calculation of net income, cash flow, and return on investment;
C List of contacts;
• Standards and Certification.

There are a number of important regulation and licensing requirements which are vital when
establishing a campground business. They include:
• Campground licensing requirements;
• Fire Marshal Regulations;
• Department of the Environment and Labour regulations;
• Eating Establishment Permits (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) (if you have a
canteen, snack bar, or restaurant).