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First Nations Financial Management Board
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The First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) supports First Nations across Canada to build good governance and finance practices.

About FMB

We are a non-profit, First Nation organization.
Our services come at no cost to First Nations.
We only provide services when asked to by our First Nations clients.
We are independent of the Crown.

Why the FMB was formed

First Nations have always planned beyond the 7th generation. The First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA), a First Nation's led initiative, supports the ability of First Nations to develop the capacity and secure the money to plan and bring to life a 7th generation strategy. The FMA puts First Nations governments on the same playing field as other governments and public institutions. It allows First Nations to be eligible to borrow at similar rates and terms other governments in Canada enjoy. It also allows Nations to use different revenue streams like taxation, government transfers and economic development as security for borrowing under the FMA. The FMB is one of three First Nations institutions created under the FMA. We're here to support First Nations to put in place good governance and finance practices to achieve their goals.