Information Technology [First Nations Financial Management Board, FNFMB]

First Nations Financial Management Board
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To make sure that access to the First Nation’s information is managed, Council must create a policy for information systems used by the First Nation that follow the rules and standards below:

information systems are created to help and support the First Nation’s operations and strategic plan
information systems are regularly reviewed to make sure they are being put to the best possible use
deals and agreements are entered in the information systems and completed in a timely manner
only approved software is used and this software is only available to people who have been trained and approved to use it
data and information is easily retrieved and kept according to the standards and requirements of the laws or agreements that the First Nation is under
when the First Nation hires contractors to provide information technology services, the definition of services in the contract must meet the needs of the First Nation
access to software and data is limited by a set of security tools and techniques
the way the data is organized is the way that is best for the First Nation
any new methods or ways of organizing the data, or any changes to the previous data structure, are tested before being used
all new network, communication, and systems software meet the needs of the First Nation
new computer hardware such as laptops and monitors meet the needs of the First Nation