Tzeachten First Nation Land Use Plan [Tzeachten First Nation]

Dillon Consulting Limited
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A wonderful resource that describes the land use planning operations of the nation, zoning classification, community planning and design, clear outcomes and development. A great example for others to use as a template for planning in their community.

The Tzeachten First Nation Land Use Plan is an important document that functions together with other
Tzeachten First Nation policies, strategies, plans and laws. The Land Use Plan guides the overall future of Tzeachten First Nation and provides a broad framework for managing future growth and change. In some cases, further detail on implementation of the various policy areas can be found in other plans, strategies, policies and laws. Tzeachten First Nation’s Zoning Law, Subdivision, Development and Servicing Law, Environmental Management Plan, and Land Code are examples of laws and policy documents that work collaboratively with the Land Use Plan to help implement the vision.

The land use planning process was considered an important opportunity in bringing the community
together to collectively create and “own” a plan. In preparing the Land Use Plan, a variety of approaches were used in community engagement, which included communicating with and involving as many
Tzeachten First Nation members as possible in the planning process.