Major Projects Inventory 2005: A Pause in Mega Project Activity [Atlantic Provinces Economic Council Vol 40 Iss 1]

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Year of publication: 

The 22nd edition of APEC’s Major Projects Inventory identifies 294 actual and potential investment projects across Atlantic Canada, valued at $48 billion. The Inventory indicates investment spending in Atlantic Canada will likely slow down in 2006, as for the first time in over a decade, there is no multi-billion project ready to begin. Some mega-projects could start before the end of the decade, although some uncertainty is associated with these efforts. That said, the construction sector in the region should be kept busy for the next few years with government-funded infrastructure projects, investments by large manufacturers and two potential liquefied natural gas projects, provided they begin as scheduled in 2005/06. At the same time, momentum has slowed in the offshore energy sector. While governments cannot influence geophysical factors, they must ensure the business climate, including the tax and regulatory environments, signals that the region is open for business.

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