Major Projects Inventory 2006: Whither the Oil & Gas Sector [Atlantic Provinces Economic Council Vol 41 Iss 1-2]

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Year of publication: 

The energy sector continues to be the major driver of economic growth in Atlantic Canada. However, the mix of energy projects is changing, as electricity generation and distribution projects now hold a much greater presence and the oil and gas industry has shown a waning influence. The 23rd edition of the Inventory identifies 357 projects in various stages of development across Atlantic Canada. The total value this year is $53.7 billion, up nearly 12% over last year’s Inventory. The accompanying issue of Atlantic Report details related developments, including demand for energy in the U.S. northeast, the significant increase in planned wind energy projects in the region, renewed momentum behind the Churchill River hydro project, and others. Projects impacting each of the provincial economies in the region are also identified.

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