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Statistics on Indigenous peoples [Statistics Canada]

Statistics Canada
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Crime and victimization
Includes information on adult criminal courts, corrections, crime reporting, victim services, children and youth, and violence against Indigenous women.

Demographic characteristics and Indigenous groups
Includes demographic, social and economic characteristics of Indigenous peoples.

Education, learning and skills
Education and skills related to the Indigenous population in Canada, including educational attainment, field of study, educational outcomes, literacy, and technology use.

The Effect of Increasing Aboriginal Educational Attainment on the Labour Force, Output and the Fiscal Balance [Center for the Study of Living Standards, CSLS]

Center for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS)
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"Investing in disadvantaged young people is one of the rare public policies with no equity-efficiency tradeoff. Based on the methodology developed in Sharpe, Arsenault and Lapointe (2007), we estimate the effect of increasing the educational attainment level of Aboriginal Canadians on labour market outcome and output up to 2026. We build on these projection to estimate the potential effect of eliminating educational and social gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people on government spending and government revenues using population and economic projections to 2026."

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