Community-Led Development [Caledon Institute of Social Policy]

Caledon Institute
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"Community-led development is an approach to tackling local problems that is taking hold throughout the world. This paper explores the concept and practice of the approach as it applies to First Nations communities in Canada. It briefly identifies ten core principles that comprise the basis for community-led development, summarizes selected examples in Canada and elsewhere in the world and highlights lessons from Aboriginal community-led development.

Exploring the Relationship Between Aboriginal Tourism and Community Development [Leisure/Loisir]

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"Aboriginal communities are increasingly turning toward aboriginal tourism development to diversify their economic base, validate their claims related to proprietary rights over traditional lands and re-connect youth with elders and the community to their land and their culture. Oftentimes, these development initiatives are tied to broader community development goals, yet the success of the tourism project is generally measured by its market readiness, revenue generation and job creation.

Indigenous Tourism: The Commodification and Management of Culture [Elsevier]

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"In a world characterized by an encroaching homogeneity induced by the growth of multi-national corporations and globalization, the causes of difference accrue new levels of importance. This is as true of tourism as in many other spheres of life – and one cause of differentiation for tourism promotion is the culture of Indigenous Peoples. This offers opportunities for cultural renaissance, income generation and enhanced political empowerment, but equally there are possible costs of creating commodities out of aspects of life that previously possessed spiritual meaning.

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