UVIC Indigenous Student Viewbook [University of Victoria, UVIC]

University of Victoria
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You already have something amazing to offer; bring it to UVic! Here, your knowledge, experiences
and perspective will shape the UVic community. At the same time, you’ll have opportunities to
develop a deeper appreciation of your own culture and your place within it. At UVic, Indigenous
cultural activities and academics go hand-in-hand, so you don’t need to leave your culture behind
to pursue your university education.

Child & Youth Care - Indigenous Initiatives

Statistics on Indigenous peoples [Statistics Canada]

Statistics Canada
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Find data on

Crime and victimization
Includes information on adult criminal courts, corrections, crime reporting, victim services, children and youth, and violence against Indigenous women.

Demographic characteristics and Indigenous groups
Includes demographic, social and economic characteristics of Indigenous peoples.

Education, learning and skills
Education and skills related to the Indigenous population in Canada, including educational attainment, field of study, educational outcomes, literacy, and technology use.

Identity and the Language of the Classroom: Investigating the Impact of Heritage Versus Second Language Instruction on Personal and Collective Self-Esteem [Stephen C. Wright, Donald M. Taylor]

Journal of Educational Psychology
Year of publication: 

“The connection between heritage language instruction and self-esteem was investigated. Participants were Inuit, White, and mixed-heritage (Inuit-White) children living in a subarctic community. Testing occurred before and after their 1st year in a heritage language or a 2nd language program. Children from all 3 groups who were educated in their heritage language showed a substantial increase in their personal self-esteem, whereas Inuit and mixed-heritage children educated in a 2nd language did not.”

Do Aboriginal students benefit from education in their heritage language? Results from a ten-year program of research in Nunavik [Donald M. Taylor, Stephen C. Wright]

Canadian Journal of Native Studies
Year of publication: 

“Focuses on the benefits of a bilingual Inuktitut education program for Inuit children in kindergarten, grades 1 and 2.”

New videos launched to promote Maliseet language, culture [John Adam]

Government of New Brunswick
Year of publication: 

“New videos to promote and preserve the use of the Maliseet language in New Brunswick were launched today in Fredericton by community members from the Tobique First Nation.”

Aboriginal languages in Canada: Emerging Trends and Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition [Mary Jane Norris]

Canadian Social Trends
Year of publication: 

“The article focuses on the acquisition of Aboriginal languages as a second language in Canada. According to the report, Aboriginal mother tongues has been declining but has been offset to some degree by the fact that many Aboriginal people have learned an Aboriginal language as a second language. In addition, the acquisition of Aboriginal language as a second language could revitalize or slow the extinction of endangered languages.”

Vanishing Voices: The Extinction of the World's Languages [Daniel Nettle, Suzanne Romaine]

Year of publication: 

“A dramatic account of the rate of language extinction, and how it endangers the future of biodiversity.”

A Survey of the Literature on Aboriginal Language Learning and Teaching [The Language Research Centre, LRC]

Alberta Education
Year of publication: 

“This literature survey was conducted to provide information on Aboriginal language learning and teaching in Alberta. Although direction was given to the researchers/writers to establish parameters for the task, the content of this document reflects the writers’ perspectives on topics and subjects reviewed and does not necessarily reflect the position of Alberta Education.”

Disinventing and (re)constituting languages: Critical Inquiry in Language Studies [Sinfree Makoni, Alastair Pennycook]

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Year of publication: 

“In this paper we argue that although the problematic nature of language construction has been acknowledged by a number of skeptical authors, including the recent claim in this journal (Reagan, 2004) that there is no such thing as English or any other language, this critical approach to language still needs to develop a broader understanding of the processes of invention.

Effective Language Education Practices and Native Language Survival [Dick Littlebear]

Native American Language Issues
Year of publication: 

“It is difficult for our Native American languages and cultures to survive and it will get more difficult. One of the reasons for this increasing difficulty for Native language groups is that we are in the midst of a cultural transition which has demeaned our languages and cultures. However, remember that our cultures have proven their ability to survive and adapt over the past thousands of years when they have undergone other cultural transitions. Let us not allow this present cultural transition to be any different.


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