Aboriginal Training Program Initiative [Professional Quality Assurance Ltd., PQA]

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The Aboriginal Software Tester Training Course is a PQA Testing initiative, funded jointly by PQA and the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) that provides Aboriginal people with recognized qualifications for the IT industry as Software Testers. The mission of the program is to inform, guide and support participants in learning the appropriate skills and knowledge to meet their goals for a career in this field.

This Program Offers:

A 6-month training course. 4 months of classroom and hands on training. 2 months of applied knowledge work practicum.
Access to continued learning opportunities.
Long-term support and guidance in utilizing effective strategies and accessing available resources.
The opportunity to prepare for internationally recognized software testing certifications (ISTQB).
Benefits to this program:

Creating full time employment within the Aboriginal Community by providing an entry point to the IT industry otherwise not available.
Positions available located on or near Aboriginal reserves.
Keeping jobs in Canada that are currently being outsourced, at times, offshore and overseas.
PQA Testing is committed to:

Creating entry level software testers.
Offering full time employment opportunities for graduates.
Creating a Software Testing Company that will be First Nations owned, led and staffed.
Offering the program to multiple First Nations communities across Canada.