Beyond Transfers: A New Fiscal Relationship [Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics]

First Nations Tax Commission
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The following videos are part of the #BeyondTransfers series and debuted at the 2018 National Meeting.

“Fiscal power allows us to do what works for us.” -Tulo Centre Chair, Chief Michael LeBourdais.

Fiscal power provides decision making power, financial security and autonomy as a government and community. When a community has fiscal power, they can contribute towards service jurisdictions such as education, health, land management and other local services. It’s the foundation of the jurisdiction based fiscal relationship.

The idea of having fiscal power may be unknown or completely new for some communities. Some may not even believe it can be accomplished. Yet many communities that have opted into the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA) have experienced fiscal power through the creation of the local revenue account and the linking of associated service jurisdictions. This experience has allowed participatory First Nations to gain independence, knowledge and expanded economies. We’ve learned the best way to improve lives in our communities, isn’t necessarily another program. It’s providing the tools we need to succeed.