Building Your Business with Overseas and U.S. Visitors: A Toolkit on How to Work with Travel Trade [Tourism Nova Scotia]

Tourism Nova Scotia
Year of publication: 

Welcome to your introductory travel trade toolkit, developed as a tool to help
grow your overseas and United States visitor business!
This Travel Trade toolkit is designed to provide tactics, processes and best business
practices on how to develop and expand your distribution, and ultimately, your
business. The toolkit focuses on the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany,
France and China markets.

The information in this toolkit, combined with advice and assistance from your
provincial tourism organizations (PMOs), destination marketing / management
organizations (DMOs), tourism industry associations and tourism operators, will
assist you in growing your business on the path to success.
The following modules are designed as a guide to help you make informed
business decisions, but should be accompanied by further business advice.
Making the decision to work with travel trade is not for everyone.

It’s a significant business decision and involves a multi-year allocation of time
and money. To achieve success in this area, your business needs to be market
ready, and you will need to invest in developing relationships with travel trade.
This toolkit is designed to help you develop your business’s travel trade channels.
In short, building your business with overseas and U.S. visitors is a process, but if
done right, your commitment will pay off!