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Publications and Reports on various issues:

First Nation Taxation and New Fiscal Relationships (1997)
Fiscal Relationships: The International Experience for Indigenous People (1999)
Expanding Commercial Activity – Reducing the Costs of Doing Business on First Nations’ Lands (1999)
Turning on the Taps – Facilitating Investment on First Nations’ Lands (2000)
Getting First Nation Government Right – Tax and Related Expenditures (2001)
Building Bridges – Towards a First Nation Development Cost Charge Program (2001)
Comparing Municipal Boundary Expansion [MBE] to Additions to Reserve [ATR] (2001)
Expanding the First Nation Property Tax Base – Understanding Leasehold Interests (2001)
The True Cost of First Nation Government (2001)
Creating a Regional Advantage - The Role of First Nations in Regional Economic Relationships (2002)
Financing First Nations Infrastructure: the Use of PPPs - Public Private Partnerships and First Nation Governments (2004)
Looking for Transparency – A Comparison of Provincial and Territorial Social Service Delivery-Funding Approaches to DIAND’s Funding Approaches (2004)
The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of First Nation Market Reforms and Land Titling (2006)
The Financial Impacts of Effective First Nation Real Estate Markets (2007)
The High Costs of Doing Business on First Nation Lands in Canada (2008)
First Nations Trade, Specialization and Market Institutions: A Historical Survey of First Nation Market Culture (2008/2010)
Beyond the Indian Act: Restoring Aboriginal Property Rights (2010) w/ Tom Flanagan & Christopher Alcantara